Meet the Team

Malcolm Davidson

Malcolm and Amy Davidson are our joint Managing Directors, forming the company back in 2009. With over 20 years’ broking experience - despite his youthful appearance* – Malcolm’s an acknowledged mortgage expert.

Malcolm is very “hands on,” personally dealing with clients daily and sharing his knowledge via his own YouTube channel! His ambition? Simply to promote our 5-Star service as widely as possible, his responsiveness and communication skills being almost legendary! Hobbies include reading about, talking about and blogging about mortgages! He even dreams about them!

Most embarrassing moment - accidentally locking himself inside the bathroom of a client’s house!

* The editor would like to point out that we were contractually obliged to include this sub-sentence.

Jason Loft

Jason joined the company as an advisor back in 2015. Having previously worked for the Lloyds Banking Group as an insurance specialist, he was initially amazed that anyone other than Halifax actually provided mortgages! Fortunately, he’s a quick learner.

You only have to read the reviews posted about him to understand how hard he works for his customers. Indeed, so much time does he dedicate to clients, office based colleagues have been known to go weeks without actually seeing him! Away from work, his main hobbies are waiting for “Super Dry” clothes deliveries and picking up his two dogs’ poo.

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