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Let to Buy Mortgages

By Malcolm Davidson & The Team at Nottinghammoneyman

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Are you in a situation to rent out your existing house and purchase a new home?
If so, we may be able to help!

Is your house taking a long time to sell and you’ve seen a new one you like?  Are you looking to keep hold of your existing house as an investment and move to a bigger home or new area?

Let to Buy is one of our main enquiries!
Let to Buy Mortgage Advice can be very confusing without the help of a Specialist Mortgage Broker like us…. 

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Let to Buy Mortgage Situations:

  • Are you considering keeping hold of your existing home as an investment and wanting to buy a new one?
  • Have you found a new house but are struggling to sell?
  • Do you want to discuss how much it would cost to keep your existing home as a buy to let?
  • Are you wanting to buy a new home with a partner and keep your existing one as an investment?
  • Are you wanting to become a landlord for the first time?
  • Have you got to re-locate and wanting to rent out your existing home while you rent or buy in a different area?
  • Have you got an unusual mortgage situation and are wanting to discuss your let to buy options?

With our Let to Buy Mortgage consultation we are able to look at:

  1. Remortgage your existing property on to an interest only Buy to Let
  2. Raise funds (if required) to be used towards a new deposit
  3. Submitting a new mortgage application for your new house

We are NOT tied to Estate Agents…

Unlike a lot of other Mortgage Brokers, we are NOT TIED to Estate Agents so we work for ONLY YOU with your interests at heart.

Why Let to Buy…?

Maybe your personal circumstances have changed with your family or work and are in a HURRY to move and don’t want to be forced to take a low offer on your house or you feel that your existing home would be a perfect investment property for you to keep hold of and rent out.

Perhaps you are looking to purchase a bigger house with your new partner and feel that you would like to keep your own property on in case things change in the future.

This type of lending is becoming more and more popular due to the high rental demand in popular areas and the increasing demand for good rental properties. Also, you will benefit on both the capital growth on your existing property along with your new home.

There are many amateur Landlords appearing in the city and taking an interest in the Buy to Let market which is great news for a Mortgage Broker like us as we are very passionate about property investment.

In some cases, letting your first property can lead to other investment properties being purchased 2 to 3 years down the line and can lead to the start of a small buy to let portfolio used as part of your retirement financial planning.

How we can help…

We are able to explore the options of remortgaging your existing property on to a buy to let whilst raising money for your new deposit if required and arrange the new mortgage on your property.

As Mortgage Brokers, it is our job to be aware of the most suitable mortgage lenders for this type of transaction and to advise you at every step of the process.

Let to buy mortgages are more specialist lending and the knowledge and experience of a specialist mortgage broker like us will be highly valuable throughout your transaction.

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