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Obtaining a Mortgage Agreement in Principle in Nottingham

Mortgage Advice in Nottingham

Many workers who are under employment with a bank or building society, will probably tell you the same about how long it can take to get an appointment with a Mortgage Advisor which isn’t from a Mortgage Broker in Nottingham and this may delay your chances of getting an AIP as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, the delay in seeing a Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham can be from a few days to several weeks which can delay your mortgage drastically which is not what you need when you are trying to arrange your own mortgage especially for a first time buyer in Nottingham.

At our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham, we have Mortgage Advisors in Nottingham available for same-day appointments. So if you have that perfect house or have booked a viewing on a property and need some Mortgage Advice in Nottingham for what kind of mortgage you qualify for and what will suit you best, then you can speak with a CeMap qualified expert here at our Mortgage Brokers in Nottingham at short notice.

You can start your mortgage enquiry quickly and easy, online by providing a view simple details online with some basic information, then once we have assessed your details and requirements, our Mortgage Advisors in Nottingham can recommend the most suitable mortgage lender for your particular requirements.

The Lender will carry out a credit check but it’s not unusual at all for us to be able to obtain an Agreement in Principle for you on the same day as your initial enquiry.

So you will then have your mortgage in principle agreed and can make an offer on the property. You will be better placed than other people viewing the property who have not taken this step and the Estate Agent can put your offer forward as a “qualified purchaser”, e.g. you are in a good position from which to proceed.

Hopefully, this will lead to a successful negotiation on the asking price if you decide to make an offer.

Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

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