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Sales Tactics of Estate Agents & Builders in Nottingham

Mortgage Advice in Nottingham

No matter whether you are a first-time buyer in Nottingham currently searching for your new home or a home mover in Nottingham with your house on the market, it may have become apparent that some of the more prominent estate agents and builders would rather that you use their in-house mortgage advisor and conveyancing services. 

As a dedicated mortgage broker in Nottingham, free from estate agents, banks and building societies, we receive lots of feedback from customers as to what sales tactics can and have been used, examples of this are;

  • Refusing to put your offer forward to the vendor if you have opted to not make use of their in-house mortgage advice or favouring another offer over yours because you have already sorted your mortgage with another mortgage broker in Nottingham. Please note these situations are highly illegal. 
  • Quoting extremely unfair and overpriced conveyancing fees. We once had a client who was quoted more than £1,500 for a straight forward purchase with an estate agent. With help from a mortgage advisor in Nottingham in our team, they got this down to £750. Quite the difference.
  • Within minutes of making your offer, the big companies may call you wanting the name of your conveyancer. They don’t just want the company either, they want the actual individual acting for you! Whilst this is going on, they also push their ridiculously overpriced quotations, and refuse to take the property off the market without you taking this. Don’t worry, we can help you be prepared for this.

Don’t be fooled, popular Estate Agent & Builder sales quotes include:

  • “Keeping everything under one roof is easier with one point of contact”
  • “If you use our services it will give the vendor peace of mind that everything will go through smoothly”
  • “Your offer is more likely to be accepted if you use our mortgage advisor”
  • “We get better deals than most brokers”
  • “Everything is likely to go through quicker if you use us”
  • “We will do all of the chasing of the solicitors for you and they’ll be more responsive to us due to the amount of work we send them”
  • “You need to come in and see our mortgage advisor for your offer to be qualified”
  • “We’ll give you a free carpet/washing machine if you use our (extortionately priced) recommended conveyancing service”

Remember, when negotiating a purchase price, do you really want the seller of your property having access to your personal financial situation and potentially knowing the maximum amount you can borrow?

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